Welcome to REGFORM

REGFORM’s primary objective is the development and negotiation of environmental regulations and policies in Missouri. REGFORM is committed to the principle that environmental regulation and policy be based on sound science that produces demonstrated environmental improvements commensurate with the costs involved for compliance.

REGFORM is involved in an ever-expanding universe of state and federal agencies and departments. To this end, REGFORM actively participates in the development of rules, guidance and policy. Our effort is expended in drafting both regulatory language and detailed comments on proposals put forth by the regulatory agencies. On behalf of REGFORM members, our staff is involved early in the effort to provide sound and technically defensible input throughout the regulatory and policy process.

Register for the 3rd Annual Missouri Hazardous Waste Seminar (November 4, 2014) here.

Download the 2014 Missouri Hazardous Waste Seminar Agenda here.

We appreciate our sponsors. If you’d like to sponsor this year’s Missouri Hazardous Waste Seminar, download information here, and contact Kevin Perry at kperry@regform.org or 573 680-5069